Lifestyle Shoot

Why not treat you and your family to a nice day out with a photo shoot at a location you all know and love or even from the comfort of your own home? Let me capture your families natural smiles of the outdoors rather than have them posed in a cliché studio environment.

The shoot will take between 1-2 hours but I'm willing to keep shooting until I think we have all the pictures we need. You can expect your final 20-30 images after a week. Your digital images are placed onto a USB memory stick in high res ready for you to print to any size or format you desire. The images are also placed on an online password protected gallery for family and friends to view.


whats included with your lifestyle Shoot

1-2 hour shoot at a location of your choice

20-30 high res images on memory stick ready for you to print in any size or format you desire

Online password protect gallery for friends and family to view




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