End to 2018 | The wedding photos you didn't see | Scott Stockwell Photography

Like last years end of year blog post instead of showing you my best shots which you can find in my portfolio or over on my facebook page, I’m going to be showing you MY favourite photos from a variety of weddings I have shot this year. The shots which might have stopped me in my tracks while editing in Lightroom and made me smile!

Over the past two years I can say without a doubt my photography style and taste has changed quite a lot and I love capturing candid shots of the whole wedding party. Not only are these shots harder to capture but they are so much more rewarding for me to look at and I know my clients love them as much as I do (I hope!). I feel these sort of photos help built such a better picture and story of a wedding day as a whole.

As an end of year note to myself here and for others to read; I remember starting out my photography business back in 2014 and being so captivated in trying to achieve the latest wedding photography look or style almost like a fashion trend in the industry, which wasn’t mine or me. Even looking for expensive photography gear to help achieve the sharpest image or best colours. Which is important in some respects yes…. but really its not. What you capture is important and what the image portrays to the viewer. Finally understanding this has definitely helped me progress my business and myself as a photographer.

Anyway before I bore you all, I’m looking forward to 2019 as its going to be another busy year for me and I can’t wait to share my of my work with you all :)

Heres some of the photos you didn’t see this year (probably) and all pose free