John & Hannah's Wedding Birtsmortan Court

John & Hannah what a lovely married couple they make.  I mentioned this story before in their engagement shoot post but I shall tell it again: When they were both young they met in the medical room at high school, I don't know what their symptoms were. Hannah told me that John was chatting & comforting her while they briefly met which Hannah thought was really sweet of him. Then John told me that he had looked after Hannah because he thought Hannah would look "fit" when she's older :-D Im pretty sure this story was also mentioned in the speeches on the day as well.

Their whole day came together so well, starting with John and his family having drinks at the Nags Head in Malvern which is always a good start to any day and Hannah waiting patiently at Birtsmortan Court. The ceremony was held in The Great Hall followed by canapés and drinks with lots of photos.

I have posted a few of the photos below :) 



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