I haven't posted since September and thought it was about time I shared this Cosmopolitan shot with you.

In case you don't know what a Cosmopolitan is, its a very popular Cocktail widely believed to be created in the 1970s. A good cosmopolitan will  usually contain Vodka, Triple sec (Cointreau), cranberry juice & freshly squeezed lime juice.

For the shot itself I set my camera up on a tripod with a 105mm  2.8 Macro Lens and took a few snaps. The first shots were for the background I wanted it dark with the christmas lights in the background not to bright. Once I had the background how I wanted it, I set up my SB700 flash, budget £5 umbrella and £10 light stand facing 45* over the cocktail. I used wireless triggers to trigger the flash and played with the flashes power output for a while until the Cocktail was nicely lit up. I then shifted my lens into manual focus and made sure the Lime twist in the cocktail glass was in perfect focus.

Picture was taken at the Colwall Park Hotel which I think was used online to promote their cocktail night. I have also added a picture of what the setup looked like. As you can see space was limited  and the shot barley missed the beer pumps on either side. Hope you like.

1/6    f/4   100   105mm

sml cosmocosmopolitan setup