Adam & Ria's Wedding, Curradine Barns, 18/05/15 by scott stockwell

A new blog post for a newly married couple the lovely Adam & Ria or Mr & Mrs Phelpotts :)

I have really been looking forward to sharing this wedding with everyone. I already knew Ria so it was really nice to celebrate this day as a guest and a photographer. Their day started off with lots of dark clouds and rain, I could tell Ria was slightly worried during her bridal preparations about the rain.  However as the guests started to arrive the sun made an appearance, and along with the summery theme of sunflowers it felt like a warm summers day.

The venue was lovely and intimate; and their personal touches such as sunflowers and morroccan lanterns created a magical setting. Overall was a fantastic Wedding and wish Adam & Ria a long happy marriage and the best for the future.

Ria is a Jewellery designer and made her own wedding rings they were really unique you can see more of her designs here :

I have posted a few images of the day below for you all to view :)


Maggie & Davids Wedding,Woodside Kenilworth, 29th December 2014 by scott stockwell

This was my last wedding to shoot of the year & what a great one it was to say goodbye to 2014 with.

Woodside hotel is in a small town called kenilworth around six miles from Coventry. When I arrived it was a beautiful frosty day with lovely clear blue skies, perfect for my camera :)

Maggie & David are a really nice couple and I hope them both the best for the future.

I have posted a few of my favourites of the day below. Please enjoy :)

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Cosmopolitan by scott stockwell

I haven't posted since September and thought it was about time I shared this Cosmopolitan shot with you.

In case you don't know what a Cosmopolitan is, its a very popular Cocktail widely believed to be created in the 1970s. A good cosmopolitan will  usually contain Vodka, Triple sec (Cointreau), cranberry juice & freshly squeezed lime juice.

For the shot itself I set my camera up on a tripod with a 105mm  2.8 Macro Lens and took a few snaps. The first shots were for the background I wanted it dark with the christmas lights in the background not to bright. Once I had the background how I wanted it, I set up my SB700 flash, budget £5 umbrella and £10 light stand facing 45* over the cocktail. I used wireless triggers to trigger the flash and played with the flashes power output for a while until the Cocktail was nicely lit up. I then shifted my lens into manual focus and made sure the Lime twist in the cocktail glass was in perfect focus.

Picture was taken at the Colwall Park Hotel which I think was used online to promote their cocktail night. I have also added a picture of what the setup looked like. As you can see space was limited  and the shot barley missed the beer pumps on either side. Hope you like.

1/6    f/4   100   105mm

sml cosmocosmopolitan setup

Wedding for Ten by scott stockwell

Thought it was about time I wrote a new post for my blog and wanted to share with you some photos from a small wedding I shot last month. The Wedding ceremony was held at Malvern registry office where Mr & Mrs Munday then proceeded to Malvern winter gardens where we took a few photos. This was probably the smallest wedding I have ever shot as only 10 people attended including the bride and groom.  There was a great atmosphere and Mr & Mrs Munday were great  throughout the day and I would never have hesitation shooting another small wedding.

I have put some pictures from the day below. Please feel free to comment/critique the photos. Please also if possible support my Facebook page by hitting the LIKE button :)

DSC_5005-2 DSC_5027DSC_5126 DSC_5215 DSC_5276 DSC_5288-3 DSC_5367

kind words from customers