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Karne & Sue's Wedding 31/01/15 by scott stockwell

A quick post to share with everyone a few photos from Sue & Karne's wedding at St. Andrews Church, Malvern which I shot late JanuaryWhat started out as a very cloudy & windy start when arriving at the church soon turned into a lovely clear bright sunset when leaving the church. Which was perfect light for a few group shots with the sun just about to hide behind the Malvern Hills. This was then followed with a few photos at the Rose Gardens next to the 99 Steps.

So a big congrats to Sue & Karne and I hope them all the best for the future :)

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Maggie & Davids Wedding,Woodside Kenilworth, 29th December 2014 by scott stockwell

This was my last wedding to shoot of the year & what a great one it was to say goodbye to 2014 with.

Woodside hotel is in a small town called kenilworth around six miles from Coventry. When I arrived it was a beautiful frosty day with lovely clear blue skies, perfect for my camera :)

Maggie & David are a really nice couple and I hope them both the best for the future.

I have posted a few of my favourites of the day below. Please enjoy :)

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One light, Black & White Headshot Project (part 1) by scott stockwell



I recently haven’t had a lot of work on the photography side of things :( so thought of putting together a photo project. I don’t know where the Idea of photographing head shots of humans heads came from but it certainly sounded like a good idea at the time.

The theme of the headshot’s would be black and white, lots of shadows and only one light source. I also want to just stick to one particular style of photograph.

I don’t have a studio or own expensive lighting etc, although I do rent a flat with a living room which has a white painted wall and two Nikon SB700 flashguns, with a soft box I bought off amazon a year ago for £20, which to be honest I have only used once until now.

To start with to get the style I wanted I played around with the flash and camera settings andshot a few selfies :) (see Below) I don’t usually take topless pics of myself (I promise) but this particular day was hot.

This photo^(selfie)^ was shot @ 1/200sec f/4.5 ISO 100 with a 105mm 2.8 nikon lens. The flash gun was giving off 1/32 power with 105mm zoom. I positioned the flash gun with soft box about 45 degrees to my selfie right and just very slightly above my eye level. I was also around about a metre away from the wall so the background would go grey.

I love the shadows created with the one light and adds a real dramatic effect to the head shot. Its not really a style I would use on a shoot for a client because of the heavy shadows. But because this project is just for my own enjoyment and fun ( I <3 photography) I decided to invite family and friends around to get some similar type of shots. I would also like to add that asking family and friends for head shots was the hardest part of this project as they all seem to hate having photos taken of themselves. 

To start with I just wanted to use the same type of settings and maybe try get some more light on the face and some shadows on the jaw. All shots below are shot at exactly the same camera settings as the selfie above although just with me asking the subject to move their head slightly and me moving the flash/soft box around so the light would hit in different places on their face. I have uploaded some images below.

In order of heads: Alice, Anton, Dad, Oliver(bro), Richard, Colton

As you can see most of the shadows on the face are easy to change and I think It adds a unique look. After these few head shots I wanted to try something new for my next subject Emma. I asked her to stand closer to my white painted wall and closer to my other wall. In other words I asked her to stand in the corner of my living room. This was so the flash would now bounce off the side of the wall back on to her face but still add a few shadows. Result below \/

As you can see the left (Emma’s Left) side of her face is now in a really light shadow. Emma is very photogenic and believe it or not this was the first snap I took of her. Her eyes in this shot are very glaring and she also has (I hope she doesn’t mind me saying this) a now very fashionable gap in her teeth.

These are all my shots so far but I am hoping to have around 50 head shots of different human heads. I was also of thinking of making a book just for myself of the 50 head shots. 

I have posted most of the head shots to my facebook page asking for more human heads for photos and so far I have had a positive response. So I am hoping to share with you more head shots in the near future :)

Also if you would like a headshot your self for free just message me :)

All the best



Wedding for Ten by scott stockwell

Thought it was about time I wrote a new post for my blog and wanted to share with you some photos from a small wedding I shot last month. The Wedding ceremony was held at Malvern registry office where Mr & Mrs Munday then proceeded to Malvern winter gardens where we took a few photos. This was probably the smallest wedding I have ever shot as only 10 people attended including the bride and groom.  There was a great atmosphere and Mr & Mrs Munday were great  throughout the day and I would never have hesitation shooting another small wedding.

I have put some pictures from the day below. Please feel free to comment/critique the photos. Please also if possible support my Facebook page by hitting the LIKE button :)

DSC_5005-2 DSC_5027DSC_5126 DSC_5215 DSC_5276 DSC_5288-3 DSC_5367

kind words from customers

Street Photography by scott stockwell

Today I want to share some of my Street photography Images. I'm not really big on street photography mainly because I feel like a bit of a stalker taking pictures of people without there permission (although I could ask).  Its good fun and mainly about being in the right place at the right time.

When shooting street photography I always use my nifty fifty (50mm 1.8D) I have the the G version of this lens but the D looks so small, focuses fast and its easy to carry around and only costs under £100. I also like using my sigma 35mm 1.4, although expensive and heavy and not so small its super super sharp and the bokeh it can produce is amazing.

Hope you like the images posted please feel free to comment/critique and please support my Facebook page by pressing Like :)

DSC_2278 DSC_2354 DSC_2367 blur style DSC_1783 DSC_1791 DSC_1890 moped save

Lifestyle shoot Matthew, Libby and Daniel by scott stockwell

Some shots here from a location lifestyle shoot I did at Alfrick nature reserve about a week ago.

I always try shoot family's away from a studio and on a location because it adds such a nice natural light. Most of the Images were shot with my 105mm macro 2.8 and sigma 35mm 1.4 which are both sooo sharp.

Hope you like a few of the images I have uploaded please feel free to comment/critique and please support me by liking the Facebook page :)


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Heather and Jacey's Engagement Shoot by scott stockwell

I love what I do and I love sharing what I do with everyone, so I have decided to start blogging about my photography.

For my first post I thought I would share with everyone an engagement shoot I recently did for Heather and Jacey.

Please feel free to comment/critique my photos. Also make sure you LIKE my Facebook page for regular updates.

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