John & Hannah's Engagement shoot, Colwall by scott stockwell


I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with John & Hannah for their engagement shoot. They were a bit stuck for ideas so I suggested a country style shoot in the sleepy village of Colwall. I know Colwall quite well because I use to work there for a while and love cycling along the quiet back lanes so had some good ideas of where exactly I wanted the shoot to take place.

They also both told me an interesting story of how they first met.They were both young and met in the medical room at high school, I don't know what their symptoms were. Hannah told me that John was chatting & comforting her while they briefly met which Hannah thought was really sweet of him. Then John told me that he had looked after her because he thought Hannah would look "fit" when she's older :-D .They then met again later in life where Hannah spotted John and asked if he remembered her from high school. Quite a nice story to tell :)

John and Hannah were a great fun on the shoot and I can't wait to shoot their wedding in December.



Tom & Emma's Wedding, Birtsmortan Court 25/05/15 by scott stockwell


   I have wanted to feature Tom & Emma's wedding at Birtsmortan Court on my blog for a while. Surrounded in beautiful countryside with its eye catching buildings and lovely gardens along with Tom & Emma's personal touches it did make the whole day feel real special :).

I first heard from Tom & Emma about a year ago when I was starting out my business and we were connected through friends of friends of friends etc. Emma's father also use to be a pro wedding photographer but now a photo enthusiast, so it did feel like a bit of an honour to be chosen to be the photographer for the day.

Tom & Emma are a lovely couple who I hope have a happy and long future together & it was a pleasure to shoot there wedding :)

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Adam & Ria's Wedding, Curradine Barns, 18/05/15 by scott stockwell


A new blog post for a newly married couple the lovely Adam & Ria or Mr & Mrs Phelpotts :)

I have really been looking forward to sharing this wedding with everyone. I already knew Ria so it was really nice to celebrate this day as a guest and a photographer. Their day started off with lots of dark clouds and rain, I could tell Ria was slightly worried during her bridal preparations about the rain.  However as the guests started to arrive the sun made an appearance, and along with the summery theme of sunflowers it felt like a warm summers day.

The venue was lovely and intimate; and their personal touches such as sunflowers and morroccan lanterns created a magical setting. Overall was a fantastic Wedding and wish Adam & Ria a long happy marriage and the best for the future.

Ria is a Jewellery designer and made her own wedding rings they were really unique you can see more of her designs here :http://www.riapoyntondesign.co.uk/

I have posted a few images of the day below for you all to view :)


Karne & Sue's Wedding 31/01/15 by scott stockwell


A quick post to share with everyone a few photos from Sue & Karne's wedding at St. Andrews Church, Malvern which I shot late JanuaryWhat started out as a very cloudy & windy start when arriving at the church soon turned into a lovely clear bright sunset when leaving the church. Which was perfect light for a few group shots with the sun just about to hide behind the Malvern Hills. This was then followed with a few photos at the Rose Gardens next to the 99 Steps.

So a big congrats to Sue & Karne and I hope them all the best for the future :)

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